Design & Interactive Experiences

Learn to design and build websites from start to finish using a user-centered design process. You'll learn Adobe XD or Figma, the basics of wireframing, mockups, and prototypes, and how to write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript through project-based learning.

What should you know before taking this class?

You'll learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in this class through the full website design project process. Expect to spend 8-10 hours a week outside of class time on this class. That said, the results are so worth it. If you want to learn to build websites, this is the class to take.

Bring your best design and problem solving skills from Design Software & Strategy, as well as your teamwork skills, because the second semester of this class is a a group project. You'll collaborate with 2-4 people to create your own incredible website using a user-focused design process.

This is my area of specialty. I work on websites every single day! And I am a fine arts major - the real deal, painting and making art out of trash and everything - so if I can do it, you absolutely can learn to code too. Leave your fear behind and get ready to jump in to the web world!

Can I see a sample?

Absolutely! It's hard to plan without some idea of what you're getting into, right? Here's what you can expect from my class.

Lecture Recordings

All my lectures are recorded. Lecture recordings (and all other media involving you directly!) gets uploaded to Kaltura. Only BU students, faculty, and staff have access to these recordings.


I record all tutorials and upload them to my YouTube channel, Professor K Explains. You'll find content about my day job work as a creative director along with the tutorials for my classes here. Get ready to learn!


I use Blackboard for grading and assignment management, and keep all class information in neatly organized folders that you'll gain access to throughout the semester. This helps us all keep on track!

Class Materials

All slides are on Google Slides, and my syllabus is available on Google Docs. You can also download a sample syllabus for this class.

CM523 - Class 1 - Introduction to Web Design & Development
CM523 - Class 5 - Media Queries & Midterm Review
CM523 - Class 11 - APIs, Fetch, and Arrow Functions
CM523 - Class 2 - Wireframes & Layout
CM523 - Class 8 - Introduction to JavaScript
CM523 - Class 12 - Animation & Experimental JavaScript
CM523 - Class 3 - Introduction to CSS & Principles of Web Design
CM523 - Class 9 - Loops & Logic
CM523 - Class 13 - How to Get a Job in an Awful Economy
CM523 - Class 4 - Typography, Color, & Layout
CM523 - Class 10 - Functions & Events
CM523 - Class 14 - Final Presentations & Tie Up

Past Student Work

I'm always so proud of my students and what they come up with throughout the semester. Here's a selection of what past students have done in my class! Work in this class is typically done by students with no coding experience or computer science background, and some graphic design experience. All of the examples below are from the final project, and were done in teams of 1-4 people. All code you see here is written from scratch by my students!

One Tree

Learn how you can help the environment - and grow your own tree on the page in the process - in this interactive learning journey for teens.

Little Prince Space Travel

Help the Little Prince save Fox while learning more about outer space! You'll test your knowledge with a quiz in this fun interactive journey for young children.

Life on Board

Get a glimpse into the life of a crew member on a sailing ship in this interactive video editorial piece, inspired by work like the New York Times' Snow Fall.

Boston Bucket List

Push yourself to explore Boston in this fun interactive piece that will get you out and about in the city based on your interests.

Blaze Pizza Builder

Order a customized pizza from Blaze Pizza using this pizza builder, and watch your toppings show on the pizza in real time.

Bite Boston Restaurant Map

Explore and filter restaurants in the Boston area quickly and easily in this customized Google Map and filtering tool.